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We ❤ You
Thrive Restaurant in Boulder is celebrating its 5th year anniversary by asking for your help!

For our anniversary, we normally give back to our community by hosting a free and open festival. Live art! Music! Performances! And of course the highest quality organic food! It's always blissful and fulfilling to share such an amazing time with such epic beings!  Unfortunately, we are unable to host this gathering in typical fashion this year due to financial and regulatory struggles with COVID-19. Still, we want to celebrate an amazing accomplishment of 5 years of small business in Boulder!

It's hard to admit this year has been a struggle for us as well as so many. Celebrating our anniversary seems to sink in the fact that not only are we in this together, but we are here for each other!  Whether you have been to one of our past events, want to go to one in the future, or just want to support our ability to continue sharing the love that we do on a daily basis; We are humbly asking  for your support!

Just after coming out of the Fall and Winter when our patronage drops drastically, our busiest season of the year has been cut in half after closing our doors for 2 months. Quickly approaching,  and with so many uncertainties pertaining to regulations we are preparing to come into another round of our slow season.  We want to be able to ensure our employees will be able to continue serving their community and we will make it to celebrate our 6th year anniversary in similar fashion as we have over all other year past.

We are raising $33,333 to celebrate all that Thrive has offered and given back to its community and to support it's employees through uncertain transitions.  If everyone who has been to one of our events over the years donated $10, then we will easily surpass our goal.

Specifically, the funds will be used to sustain the restaurant, retain our employees' wages and hours, compensate for closures and reduced business, and to prepare for our biggest event yet on our anniversary next year.

We hope to raise this amount by the end of the summer to help give security to our staff and see through to next years celebration.

If anyone who donates would like anything in exchange please do not hesitate to come by the shop with proof of your donation and ask.  We are grateful for everyone's contribution and as always are happy to share the highest quality organic food with everyone we can.  We have fed countless people in need in the past who have had the courage to just ask for the support and will always continue to uphold our integrity in our compassion and quality.  We are hoping Karma from actions like this and sharing events like our past anniversaries will come back to us in our time of need now.

Thank you so much!  We love and cherish you all!




Be Free!

Craving light and healthy but also super-nourishing? Get to Thrive! You’ll find the most nutrient-dense bites under one roof. From superfood smoothies to colorful salads and kale chips, there’s something for every mood. And if you’re thirsty, try one of our superfood smoothies, house-made nut milks or locally-brewed kombucha. Eat in peace knowing that everything at Thrive is gluten-free. It’s also all raw, vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, organic and soy-free, but we promise you don’t need to be a follower of any diet to enjoy our food.

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