Derek Carpenter

Meet Derek Carpenter, the man behind Thrive's spray paint mural!

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had? Uh…this question?

What was your first CD? Collective Soul

What’s inspiring you in life right now? Social Enterprise and the environment

What is one ingredient you could put in all your meals? Avocados

What's your spirit animal? Dogs

What's your favorite smell? Right after it rains

Secret talent? Physics

Advice you would give your younger self? Don’t waste sexual energy...seriously! It's important

Most adventurous thing you’ve done? Climbed Maroon Bells in Aspen

Song you could listen to on repeat? So Flows the Current by Patrick O’Hearn

Favorite place to view art? Festivals

Who’d you like to make murals for? Alex Gray’s CoSM, Denver International Airport and Kind Love Dispensary

How do you know love? Whenever I speak to someone who knows who they are

Derek also creates installations, canvas art and clothing made from recycled materials. You can view more of his art at The Circus Collective in Denver, the Berkeley Dispensary in Denver and Half of the money made from his art goes to various environmental groups who enhance biodiversity and habitat protection.